Putting Pearl to Pasture

As someone famous for dealing with the Minnesota cold by driving the three blocks to school, I figured it was about time I evened out my carbon footprint and started walking to work.

Rather like these svelte looking power walkers. No, really!

Here is why I like walking to work:
1. It wakes me up in the morning
2. I get 40 extra minutes of free exercise in every day
3. I avoid unpredictable traffic (meaning I’m on time every day) and the crazy junior college kids just waiting to bash up my car
I also have a roommate I happen to work with, so it’s a nice chance to catch up. Even when I walk alone, it’s a good time to call people – no hands free bluetooth whatever required.

Mind you, it’s still a struggle, and a bit of a rush getting out by 7:40 every morning. Soon I will need to buy galoshes or something for the rainy season.

Live too far to commute on foot? Check out the places you can walk to at Walkscore!
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