Hempz Pomade

Made of beeswax, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) seed oil and extract, and castor oil, my new hair pomade from Hempz isn’t telling you that it actually includes PARABENS!


What a bad, uninformed purchase on my part!


  1. Amberlynn said

    Ok, I have to state my peace on this bash against parabens. I deal with this issue daily at work.

    You will drink thousands more than you will ever put on your face. There was one article that stated 2 out of the thousands of parabens used are carcinogenic. Well, guess what, no one has been using those 2 for hundreds of years.

    So please, let’s all relax a little and worry about what would happen if we didn’t use them. We’d be putting ecoli on our faces and dying of food poisoning on a daily basis.

    And that’s all. Thank you.

  2. Jenn said

    I bet.. there is a TON of discussion going on about salons and spas and how they can be green, what makes sense, etc. – especially with nails. Silly question: do they put you through haz mat training? I actually know shamefully little about the salon industry.

    Also.. where would one drink parabens?

  3. Amberlynn said

    There has been much discussion. I am still learning quite a bit myself. And it will be interesting to see how/if the industry changes. Two international comestics company representatives I have been told there are far more parabens in things like soft drinks, salad dressings, pickles, juices, ect listed more commonly as benzoic acid/benzoates.

    As far as haz mat training, very little. It’s available should one take the time to request it. But it’s not distributed or easily accessible.

    Some info from the FDA, European Commssion, Wikipedia:

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