Acorn Squash stuffed with Pilaf

As fall approaches, why not enjoy some seasonable vegetables? After all, in-season produce is less likely to be flown in from Chile and more likely to have been grown locally.

Here’s vaguely what you do:

Grease shallow pan.
Cut squash in half.
Clean out seeds (save for roasting!).
Placed squash open side down and bake 30 minutes at 375 degrees.

Cook brown rice – Uncle Ben’s goes fastest, admittedly. You can throw some carrots in here for cooking.

Sautee onions and garlic in olive oil. Add diced apples. Stir in lentils.

Stir cooked rice/carrot/onion/apple/lentil mixture together. Season with cumin, salt, and pepper. Here is your pilaf!
Spoon this into your finished squash. Top with grated cheese if you’re not vegan.

Then, turn the oven down to 300 and remove flesh from the seeds. Salt them and cover them with olive oil. Make sure you remove the covers from your stove burners as this is where the moisture vents out – I once broke an oven roasting pumpkin seeds with the stove burners left covered.


  1. Amberlynn said

    mmmm I almost made this last week! I am definitely going to make it next week. GTMA!!!

  2. Jenn said

    I love it! My mom makes it much better than I do.

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