Buying Local

Two happy things happened this Sunday:

1. I bought bread from a bakery (Village Bakery, 1445 Town and Country Dr).
2. I bought pumpkins from a local farm (Frey Rd, off Highway 12).

The nice thing about buying things straight from the source is that I know more about the size of the carbon footprint my purchase makes, because I transport the product for 100% of its journey (or.. at least its final journey in finished form). And it gives me the chance to support local business & economy (I’m being turned into a republican, help! Quick, go look at the BALLE Project and leave me to wrangle with my growing conservative woes).

I mean, not like that makes any significant carbon difference, when I still continue to buy imported cheese from England with Wallace and Gromit on the packaging (shhh), but it gives me leeway to act smug and tout my $1.50 pumpkin with pride. I mean, I need every chance I can get to be smug. My carbon footprint is huge.

Calculate yours here. Especially if you travel abroad.. yikes. You’re in for it.


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