Green Up Your Driving Habits

So I have to drive sometimes. Like to take advantage of Home Depot’s plant warrantee (they replace dead plants within a year.. oopsies)… I just can’t walk or bike, and there aren’t busses to go there. I can, however, make the best of things. Behold, top 5 do-able driving best practices to save gas – reducing costs and carbon emissions.

1. Go the speed limit. Herky-jerky stop and start means more gas. Plus, it makes the herky-jerk car behind you delightfully angry, especially here in California.
2. Have good directions and/or call ahead. No aimless driving around!
3. Windows instead of A/C.
4. Keep the tires full and go for regular tune ups. This means your car is operating most efficiently and you’ll use less gas.
5. Take as much stuff out as you can. A heavy load means more gas.

Find out more from TreeHugger’s How To Green Your Car.


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