Halloween Green

So Halloween is just around the corner, eh? Lots of candy wrappers and one-time-use costumes and stuff. *guilt guilt guilt* Okay, no, this post is just to tell you about some hilarious “green” costume ideas out there.

1. Compact fluorescent light bulb. “Start your costume by donning a tight, white turtleneck and slim white pants or tights. Then inflate a dozen or so long, white balloons, tie them end to end, and wrap them around you from chest to hips for that unique, spiral-bound light bulb look.” Save energy while looking cool! (from Green Living.)

2. Used bubblegum. Dress all in pink and tape a shoe to your head. (from The Boulder Camera.)

3. Nerd. “Roll up your jeans, tape your glasses, and do your hair in pigtails.” Suspenders and glasses a plus. (Courtesy Making Friends and Shannon.)

4. Robot, my costume of choice, inspired by this video.

(Check out HAUTE*NATURE, a fellow eco-blogspot.commer who listed #1 and #2.) Also, check out TreeHugger’s list of green candy, and the Sierra Club’s guide to a green Halloween.


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