Dear old Macalester..

As a progressive liberal arts college, it’s about time my alma mater Macalester stepped up to the eco-plate.

Finally, more sustainable cups and napkins! They’re ordering the cups from Clovernook, a non-profit based in Cincinnati, OH. “75 percent of the people working in Clovernook’s factories are visually impaired, and the extra money collected from the cup sales is used to provide community outreach programs.”

They had a Zero Waste Picnic in September… set aside the Eco-House

… and they are hiring a Sustainability Coordinator for 2008. Apparently, President Rosenberg was one of 414 college and university presidents to sign on to the Presidents Climate Commitment. “Presidents signing the Commitment are pledging to eliminate their campuses’ greenhouse gas emissions in a reasonable period of time as determined by each institution.” This involves setting up a task force, completing a GHG inventory, creating and implementing a climate neutral plan, taking 2 of the 7 immediate steps specified in the plan, integrate sustainability into the curriculum, and communicating to the public about all this.

An advisory committee of Mac students, faculty, and staff have been molding the Sustainability Coordinator position since this spring.


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