Tesco is Coming

Britain’s equivalent of Super Wal-Mart will cross the Atlantic soon.

This may not be a terrible thing. Tesco has made some strides towards rectifying the negative impacts of big chain stores on neighborhoods and the environment.

The largest solar roof in the world will sit atop Tesco’s California distribution center.

In the UK, they offer a 10p shopping “Bag for Life,” replaced for free if it wears out.

And! It is starting to label its produce with carbon footprint stickers.

How cool is that?

But, as Harry warns, Tesco and other UK big businesses might be in it for the image, not the environment. “[Poll] respondents held BP, Tesco and British Airways most guilty of ‘greenwash’ aimed at creating an eco-friendly corporate image.” I don’t care why they do it as long as they’re greening up, but this business of misleading greenwashing does concern me a bit.


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  1. Anonymous said

    Tesco is not good news unfortunately. You’re right that they are pushing green credentials, for example using the Manchester Ship Canal instead of road freight to take wine from the docks at Liverpool to their bottling plant in Manchester, but that’s only because it’s a buzz topic in the UK at the moment. They’re just covering their arses. The reality is that they shaft food producers and the environment just as much as all the other major supermarkets. Apparently something like £1 in every £8 spent in the UK is spent in a Tesco store. 😦 Harry

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