Once you were waste, now you are disaster relief..

Earthquake! We had an earthquake last night – minor, as it epicentered 2 hours south in San Jose-ish – but it inspired me to offer you the most duh green tip ever.

Take every water bottle you’ve used once – preferrably glass jars – and fill them back up with potable water. Store them in the back corner of your fridge (or freezer, if they’re plastic).

1. Full fridges are easier to keep cool (take less energy).
2. A new use for that old bottle!
3. You’ll never notice them.
4. You will have safe drinking water if THE UNTHINKABLE occurs. And I bet no matter where you live, there is some kind of unthinkable that might occur to your water supply, even if it’s not an earthquake.

And on that scary doomsday note, I leave you to your filling.

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