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Green MSN

On October 30, MSN launched a new green channel: GreenMSN.

GreenMSN is a “one-stop online resource for the latest environmental news, exploring the issues and taking action.”

RSS! News! Video! All with the credibility MSN inspires!


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Use Less Stuff

Use Less Stuff – pretty self-explanatory! – uses quantitative data to help people reduce their waste.

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Produce in Season

As it is wintertime, and the idea that we can eat raspberries all year round is a bit silly, this tool from the government in Victoria, Australia seems like a pretty cool idea. You see a list of produce available in the area, click on it, and then recipes come up.

Here is a pretty guide to seasonal produce from the Food Network.

And here is a Southern California harvest chart.

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Proud to be an American..?

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Green Consumer Reports!

A dream come true! Bust those greenwashers with Green Consumer Reports.

The guide tells you what you should bother buying organic, including baby food, meat, eggs, milk, apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries. It also says not to bother buying organic seafood or cosmetics.

It tells you how many dollars per year you’ll save by shutting off the accent lighting (up to $28.65), or unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use (as much as $5.73).

I also tells you what chemicals to avoid when purchasing personal care products.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Okay, so I usually try to keep this blog up-beat, do-able and exciting. Certain parts of environmentalism make good financial and health sense, and I try to focus on those. I don’t usually go in for convincing people to be environmentally friendly with fear, doomsday predictions, and fire and brimstone admonishments. But OH MY GOD there is a continent-sized patch of garbage floating around in the middle of the ocean! With all the oil spills happening in the last weeks, one hitting too close to home, it’s impossible not to notice a giant, whirling mass of garbage that is “too big to be cleaned up.” Greenpeace explains the phenomenon, as does the San Francisco Chronicle.

The good news is, smart people in Kenya are using similar washed-up flotsam to make cool stuff.

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Shower Timer

Well ring a bell and make me drool. I thought I was the stubbornest of the untrainable. Even four months of minimal showering in Morocco was not enough to break my junior-high-instilled habit of showering daily. Usually a 10-to-15 minute user, I never thought I could be trained to take a shower in five minutes.

Little did I know.

This amazing little shower timer (stolen from my co-worker’s desk.. hi Laura!) has me whipped into shape! The first day felt rushed, but a week later I was squeaky clean with time to spare. And I have more time to read the Chron in the morning!

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