Green Your Apartment

So winter is just around the corner, and most “Green Winter” resources are for homeowners who need to seal their basements up. But what if you want to green up your apartment?

1. Consider composting.
(from Low Impact Living’s Green Apartments)
2. Buy bulk food to cut down on packaging.
(from Humboldt State University’s “12 Ways to Green Up Your Apartment”)
3. Bake, dry hair, cook, and iron in the early morning or late at night when you need the extra heat produced from these activities the most.
(from Apartment Living Think Green)
4. Use your dishwasher, but use it efficiently. It is actually greener than hand washing – it uses 35-37% less energy.
(from Apartment Therapy)
5. Donate your clothes hangers to your local dry cleaner to re-use.
(from Jeff Swett’s Ezine Article Tips for Going Green in Your Apartment)
6. Collect grease, even olive oil, and dispose of it in the trash – not in the sink.
(from CHOW’s Counter Measures: Ten Ways to Green Your Kitchen)
7. Buy your apartment cat a piece of tree.
(okay, this one from Apartment Therapy is silly)
8. Rent a steam cleaner to remove toxins tracked in from the bottoms of your shoes.
(from LA Green Living)
9. Open your windows to ventilate the toxins out.
(from GreenHomeGuide)
10. Get houseplants! They suck up carbon and filter dust and dirt. Amazing.
(from Cookiemag’s Urban Green)

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