Green Apartments in Berkeley

UC Berkeley started a cool thing called The Green Apartment, designed to show how ordinary college students can make their lives more sustainable without investing a lot of effort or money.

“We wanted to give the room a holistic concept, connecting the dots between the things students learn in the classroom and the choices they make in their everyday lives, said Desirae Early, a junior majoring in environmental economics and policy, a Green Campus Program coordinator and a Green Room Committee member.

Also see the Berkeley article and the Chronicle aricle.

This is my favorite quote from the article:
[Jonathan Hu, a sophomore and poli sci major living in the Green Apartments] added that women seem to find environmentally sensitive guys appealing. “I know that whenever I mention I’m part of the Green Apartment, it’s always the females who are asking follow-up questions,” said Hu.

Also in Berkeley is the beautiful, urban-infill, DOT-decorated Dwight Way.


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