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State of Green Business

Joel Makower and released the State of Green Business report this past week.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the report cites successes in clean-tech investments and reductions in toxic emissions as the biggest environmental achievements – but finds that most of businesses’ efforts haven’t made much of an impact yet.


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Green Valentines

The cool thing about making your own Valentines is that ANYTHING can turn into a heart.
A comic
Wrapping paper
Hilary Clinton’s face in the newspaper

You too can be the proud creator of a Valentine full of the faces of Presidential hopefuls. Isn’t that better than your typical v-day cards with Garfield on them?
For serious though. Recycle all that old media. Your friends will thank you for the lack of cheesiness (and so will the trees).

If you’re not the crafty type, you can always look for gift advice from the pros:
The Sierra Club recommends vintage jewelry and fair trade chocolate.

InHabitat recommends Sustainable Skivvies.

Even the state of UTAH has its act together, for pity’s sake, and recommends that you take public transit out on your dates.

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Waste Paper – It’s Not Junk Mail, but It’s Not Necessary…

Today I will offer a boring tip. Cut down on your mail that isn’t your junk mail.

1. Get your bank statements online. Sign up for online bill pay for your insurance, credit card, utility, rent, and loan payments if possible.

2. Stop getting the newspaper delivered. If you must read it (I am one of those bad tactile people), cut down to weekends or W-Sat. If you can’t cut down on the paper, ask your carrier to stop using plastic bags, or only to use plastic bags when it is raining.

3. File your taxes online – if you make less than $50k, the State of California will let you do it for freeeeee… (if I read correctly at the library).

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Become a Trained Energy Auditor

Sing! Dance! Act! Then you become a triple threat in show biz.
Energy! Water! Waste! Be trained to audit all three and you are a triple threat in the world of environmental consulting!

Free Energy Audit Training in San Francisco! IAll that is required of you is signing up and “a fundamental understanding of building components and energy concepts.” It is expressly geared towards the non-expert.

If you are a little closer to Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers energy auditor training through the Department of Engineering/Professional Development. It is 5 days and not free, offered in July and March.

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Green Your Correspondence

Ok, so I love getting and sending mail. Sometimes the internet just won’t do. I blame the pen pal unit in third grade. The good news is, you can send stuff and feel less guilty – don’t use an envelope!

There’s this cool template available from LetterFU. CreativeTechs put the templates in Adobe Illustrator format. You print, write on the back, and follow the instructions. Sweeeeet.

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A sassier shade of green?
Find stylish tips for greening your life.

…like this tip finding Eco Coupon Books from Fort Collins, CO to New York, NY.

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The Go Green Initiative Greens Schools

Founded in Pleasanton, CA in 2002 by former Naval Officer Jill Buck, the Go Green Initiative brings students, teachers, and parents together to reduce waste and pollution in schools. Students engage in practical activities such as recycling, composting and reducing waste.

The program has been endorsed by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, endorsed by such agencies as
the National School Boards Association, National Recycling Coalition and numerous State
PTAs, and more. The GGI website helps schools find quality worms, share best practices (using towels instead of tissues to wipe sheet protectors), and communicate their GGI involvement to parents and PTAs.

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