Wind Power

Wind power is in the air (ha – with apologies for bad puns throughout this post). Despite California’s historical corner on research institutions, venture capital, and government incentives, the state’s comparative advantage in renewable energy is waning while other states hover in the wings, not least Colorado.

Colorado’s government is snapping to, primed for a wind takeover with its low cost of living and environmentally engaged constituency (and, well, its central location and access to rail doesn’t hurt either). Danish company Vestas is blowing into Windsor, CO with gusto. Slotted to open a blade manufacturing plant, Vestas Windsor will create 400 new green collar jobs. Whoosh! Fort Collins has capitalized on this zeitgust, as its Senator Bob Bacon is sponsoring a bill to allocate some gaming money to help Colorado State University renewable energy science turn into business. And don’t be surprised if CT, MA, and OH suddenly show up on the list of renewable-friendly locales, as their forward-looking governments deregulate and incentivize. Wind power isn’t all fun and games, as these golden eagles no longer have wind beneath their wings.


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