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Detox Your Home

So you’ve heard of juice fasts and spring cleaning, but have you ever thought about detoxing your home?

Planet Green has! Room-by-room instructions for sprucing up your house.


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Santa Rosa Recycles Plastic Bags

Thanks to our hauler North Bay Corporation, we Santa Rosans will now be able to recycle plastic bags in our regular old blue bins.

We toss ’em all in one bag (the “bag bag”) and then they are taken away to be recycled!

Read about it in the PD.

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Top 50 Greenest Cities

How does your city measure up? Popular Science’s Top 50 Greenest Cities ranks cities based on electricity, transportation, green living, and recycling/green perspective.

Top 5:

1. Portland, OR
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Boston, MA
4. Oakland, CA
5. Eugene, OR

(St. Paul, MN is number 12, Denver’s 19, and Santa Rosa’s 23)

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Green Dentistry

There are things dentists can do to be more green. A famous user of mercury in dental amalgam, dental offices are a regulated industry. The San Francisco Green Business Program has developed a checklist for dentists. Dr. Patel is one green dentist in San Francisco.

Here is a student initiative from the European Dental Student Association to increase environmental awareness among European dental students/practitioners (Word document). There is more information on this group here.

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Environmentalism as a Cultural Phenomenon

I’m always impressed (and not in a good way) that the environmentalism I walked into is an overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly upper-class, overwhelmingly psycho crowd. I’m also excited that this seems to be changing as the pragmatic, chic and money-saving aspects of environmentalism come to light. Normal people are jumping on board!

EcoTopia traces the environmental movement from Henry David Thoreau (1845) through John Muir to Julia Butterfly Hill (2005). It’s kind of an awkward birthing for a movement: the Sierra Club, Green Peace, the Green Party, WWF, ecoterrorists…

Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank bemoan the place of corporations in this new green movement while encouraging eco-activists to work alongside the working class for real change. An interesting piece, a definite counterpoint to my own views, co-written by the author of Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me (St. Clair) – which is not, unfortunately, about race and the environmental movement, but about how politicians ruin things.

Robert Gottlieb writes Forcing the Spring: The Transformation of the American Environmental Movement and in true green fashion, it is posted in its entirety on Google Books. “In January 1990,” Gottlieb writes, activists from the Gulf Coast Tenant Leadership Development Project sent a letter asserting “that the ‘racism and the “whiteness” of the environmental movement” had become its ‘Achilles’ heel.'”

And find a very interesting piece from on the environment and poverty.

There’s even a course at Drexel called Civil Society and the Environment: The Mobilization of the U.S. Environmental Movement, 1900- 2000. I want to take it!

Finally, Michael Specter writes in the upcoming Feb. 25 New Yorker about the problematic tendency to moralize environmental issues.

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Dewy’s Adventure

There is a kid’s video game
for Wii
called Dewy’s Adventure
where the player
who, throughout the game, must save a mythical life-giving tree
by defeating anthropomorphic pollutant enemies.

omg. Amazing.

They are everywhere, these creepy anthropomorphic water droplets!

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Recycling Poll!

North Bay Corporation just put a big blue recycling bin in our building’s trash room. Mostly, there is trash in it. And you know… sometimes I throw a stray bottle or a can into the trash at the airport. It says “contents recycled off site,” but how do I know?

So now, dear reader, I will ask you! What are your thoughts on recycling?

surveysTake Our Poll

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