Vegan Shoes, Natalie?

Am I the last person to hear about Natalie Portman’s collaboration with Té Casan to create a line of vegan shoes?

“All of my shoes are from Target or Stella McCartney,” says Portman. “As a vegan, it’s been challenging finding designer shoes made of alternative materials.” The line launched January 15 online and hit stores February 1.

Now, call me old fashioned, but any reference to vegan clothing always throws me for a bit of a loop. I’d prefer a more technical description, such as “leather free” or “no animal products.” The “vegan clothing” label stresses me out, as if I’ll be expected to eat it or something. Maybe I just have unfortunate associations with the early days of spelt egg-free cakes that tasted like chalk. All it means is that the shoes are made free of leather or any other animal products, and 5% of the profits (all of Natalie’s share) will go to as-yet undisclosed charity (various non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and animal rights) – one source said it would be The Nature Conservancy.

Speaking of old fashioned, does anyone else think the shoes look, well.. a bit outdated?

My read: save energy, wear your old shoes, and donate $10 to charity (equal to 5% of the $200 you would have spent on the vegan footwear).

But mistake not my sarcasm! I appreciate Natalie’s efforts. Maybe someday I’ll find a pair of $20 animal-free classic-style shoes and 100% of the profits will go to charity (oh wait, it’s called Goodwill…).

I kid, Natalie, I kid. I’m just jealous.


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