Earth Hour

March 29, 2008
8:00 p.m. local time

Are your lights on?

Across the world, local governments and citizens teamed up for Earth Hour, an international wave of darkness that began as a local celebration in Sydney, Australia last year.

Julia and I celebrated, begrudgingly at first. I took the time (finally) to clean out my crap from the living room. She stretched by candle light (now doesn’t that sound like something from a bad romance novel?). Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood, still well-lit (Santa Rosa tends to miss the memo on these things).

Afterwards I felt.. strangely calm! Almost.. better! I vowed to have Earth Hour every day, and of course I promptly forgot today. Oh well. It’s nice to know that I depend so little on the existence of electricity.



  1. Shelby said

    Yay! China has allowed us to access Blogger again, so I can actually post comments.

    I spent Earth Hour playing guitar and drinking Tsingtao in the dark. It was nice, though I had the hunch that Earth Hours are probably even nicer when you have other people to spend them with. I might try to do it once a week in the future, when that is the case. Every day is a bit ambitious!

  2. MP said

    oh my gosh – this was so long ago, but i just wanted to report that chicago earth-hour was a HIT! we had a nice candlelit dinner gazing out the window without the skyscraper accents!!

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