On Commuting by Bus: 4 Month MetroTransit Report

Thursday marked my four-month anniversary of commuting by bus.

Here I am, posing with my Metro Transit fan memorabilia.

Why, you may ask? (Well, you’re reading a green blog, so you’re probably not going to wonder why.) If you need that little extra push to visit metrotransit.com or your local public transit website, allow me to tell you the ways in which my life has changed for the better because of it:

I see sunlight once per day. Even though it’s cold as all get-out (to the tune of -2!), it’s nice to have a few minutes of mandated outside time. That, and I get to wear my ridiculous rubber boots into work as long as I change into high heels once I’m in my office.

I save a ton of money. It’s subsidized my my employer as well as my building’s property management company, so I only pay $23.60 per month. When I commuted by car to Apple Valley this summer, I spent $200/month filling up my tank. When you take parking downtown into account and car wear and tear, I’m saving even more dough.

I make new friends. One guy was actually pretty cool and I might go see him play trumpet sometime. One lady told me that she, “kept the seat warm for me” (thanks…). You get to know your bus drivers.

I read a lot more. It’s only 15 minutes each way, but that’s a lot of free reading time.

I’m on time most days. I think it’s because I have a deadline for leaving my house. I know if I’m not out the door at 7:39, I’ll be late for work.

Less stress. Bus riding generally makes me feel healthier and more active, but one muscle has definitely atrophied since I’ve stopped driving: my middle finger.



  1. Ed Kohler said

    Sounds like it worked out well. Reading is definitely something I would do more of with a regular transit commute.

    I noticed in NYC last week that people read books on the subway. Books! That makes sense since their iPhones don’t work that far underground.

  2. Jenn said

    Mandated time unplugged – brilliant! I dread the day when airlines allow cell phone on planes for that same reason. It’s sort of nice to have forced down time, for you or your seatmate.

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