Pre-Game: Waste Sort!

In prepping for a week without garbage, I figured I should watch what I’m throwing away in my ordinary life. Gentle readers, please feel free to think how much better at life you are than I am. 🙂

image from the City of Lille website.

I threw out a lot of stuff today. The stuff I threw away falls into a couple of different categories:

Totally avoidable.
* gum wrappers, gum
* disposable coffee cup (bad Jenn!)
* Clif Bar wrapper

Awkward to avoid, but avoidable.
* paper towels in restrooms
* band-aids

Tough to avoid, because I don’t have a compost pile.
* banana peel
* grapefruit peel

Not sure how to avoid.
* tissues (I tried handkerchieves a few years ago and ended up getting sick a lot – I’m superstitious enough about my health to think these two things are related.)

Things I will not be avoiding.
* toilet paper

Lessons from today: I need to bring my own coffee mug and find snacks that aren’t wrapped in plastic.


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