Day Without Trash #1

My first 12 hours of trashlessness: HARD, and not nearly as trashless as I would have imagined they could be.

For one, I have a lot of food sitting around in packages from grocery shopping last week: tortillas in a plastic bag. Cheese in a plastic wrapper. Grapes in a plastic bag. I can keep these bags for my trip to the grocery store, but I already have some pretty bag-ladyish tendencies (see the collection of cardboard boxes under my bed) and very little storage space. I’ll just keep them until I can’t, I guess.

Two, I’m a clumsy person. I drop a lot of things. It’s helping to have a kitchen towel and cloth napkin on hand at all times, but when food goes on the floor…

Three, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to eat at home. Today is busy: between 3-hour choir rehearsal and a fundraiser, Caleb’s going to spend most of the day in a different part of the city. I sent him with a home made veggie platter for choir treats this morning, but didn’t make it to the grocery store to find something for us to eat for dinner en route from Roseville to Como.

Still, so far I’ve only thrown away carrot tops, grapefruit skins, and a tortilla I dropped. If only I had a compost pile..!

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