No-Waste Grocery Shopping

I love my coop’s bulk foods section – it’s actually cheaper to buy whole wheat pasta, brown rice, granola, etc. Do I sound like a tree hugger much? “Ooh, granola… brown rice…” Chocolate covered espresso beans are expensive – $13 a pound – but totally worth it. Espresso bean treats aside, I spent a lot less on groceries this week.

As my mom is wont to say about my vegetarian diet, “Where’s the protein?!” I have a carton of tofu and about 12 cans of black beans I’m working through from last week… not so much in keeping with my rules, but I’ll make the exception.

The only things I bought in new containers were yogurt (impossible to buy except in plastic tubs), and this fig spread and sheep cheese that came in cute glass jars that I want to pot things in. I returned my Castle Rock bottle for my $1.50 deposit (yesss!) and bought bulk eggs in an old crate.

In other news, I broke a pie plate on its way to Goodwill – the kind of tempered glass that can’t be recycled. Sigh. Klutziness is not green, but perhaps cannot be helped.

For dinner, we got deli sandwiches at Nelson’s – at least we only threw away a piece of wax paper.

Tally so far: grapefruit peels, carrot tops, fallen tortilla, fallen pie plate, wax paper.

1 day down, 6 to go.


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