Worm Bins and Potato Chips

Another day, another day without trash..! 3 down, 4 to go.

I almost broke down and went to McDonald’s today. I saw the woman at the security desk with her McDonald’s bag and really, really wanted to take it away from her. But no – I held strong, and remained trashless – and probably added about a week to my heart’s lifespan. McDonald’s marketing people are darn good.

To deal with the compost/veggie scrap situation, my cousin Karen recommended I get a worm bin. This may be my next venture, although I don’t really have a good place to harvest compost. Maybe if I join a community garden in the spring?

In other news, Potato Chip Dave went a whole year making only 30.5 pounds of trash and recycling. Here I was thinking I was so clever with my paltry week without trash! Dave, an L.A. steadycam by day, wanted to show you can reduce your waste while still consuming the potato chips and beer you love – so he did.

image from sustainablog.org

Today’s trashless accomplishment: I have now successfully trained myself to use the hand blow dryers – an amazingly tough habit to re-train myself to do.

In bizarre news – if only I could convince my building’s property management company to install poetry in the restrooms like this Japanese experiment, maybe we would all use a little less toilet paper.


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