On Throwing Things Away

Now that my week without trash is up, it’s time for me to figure out how to get rid of some of the things I’ve been waiting to dispose.

image from appliancedisposal.org

1. Window air conditioner. We moved into an apartment with central air in August.

We tried posting the window unit on Craigslist and Twin Cities Free Market – all to no avail, even in August, when we were first trying to get rid of it. I realize it’s an impossible sell when it’s a high of 5 degrees outside…

The gentleman at Goodwill about died when he saw us try to unload it from the back of my car. I still remember his face as he said, “NO, NO!” They must have a policy against taking appliances.

We tried the Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste disposal site, which said it won’t accept it because it’s an appliance.

Where are we supposed to get rid of the darn thing the right way? We’re going to try to call our waste hauler, or our next step is to pay a place like J.R.’s an arm and a leg to take it away. Policy problem, anyone?

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your advice.

2. Can of PAM. Aerosol! …meaning it goes to the household hazardous waste disposal site so as not to deplete the ozone.

3. Broken CFL. I am going to enjoy not having this little bit of mercury and glass rattling around in my cabinet anymore.



  1. Ed Kohler said

    Stick that AC unit in my alley and it would be gone in a day. Someone would take and use it for sure.

    The ReUse Center may be interested as well.

  2. Anonymous said

    Do you live in Hennepin County? If so, check this out: http://www.hennepinatoz.org/azguide/item/7

    Otherwise, Google “recycling, air conditioner, Minnesota” and a bunch of sites come up that you can try contacting. Good luck!

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