Eco Bacon

What’s up with bacon, my Minnesota friends? Is it the weather?

Max Sparber from MNSpeak, Stephanie March from Foodie File, Conner McCall from Conner’s Blog, and of course, Emily from Because Emily Says So are all into the bacon. Even Doniree had a bacon-wrapped pear salad from Town Talk Diner. (Not to mention MICHAEL J. NELSON of MST3K, who has signed over his life to eating a month of nothing but bacon.)

Not wanting to be left out as a vegetarian, I thought I’d shoot my own uh.. veggie bacon food porn!

Mmmm… ok, granted this looks like crap even to me. Its main ingredients are egg whites, soybean oil, textured soy protein, and modified corn starch. It’s not even that good for you. Sigh.

Some day, my friends, I will participate in this baconophilia with you in my own veggie way (just not ’till they engineer a better substitute). For now, I’ll stick to BLTs without the fake B. Sometimes, it is not easier being green!



  1. Max Sparber said

    I am also a vegetarian. But bacon salt is apparently actually bacon free.

    I’m not sure why MnSpeakers are so mad for bacon, but I’m not about to tell them to stop.

  2. Conner said

    The bacon obsession is definitely becoming an epidemic. The funny thing is that I write about it, but I rarely eat it. It’s one of those foods that I rarely purchase because if I have it in the house it’s gone in 3 days.

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