Facebook Uses 3 kWh per Capita Per Day

Yesterday was Facebook’s 6th anniversary. Steve Tuttle and I are quitting.

I had a brief return after calling it quits in December – but have finally decided to pull the plug for good. I think.
simple yet effective graphic from rmansfield

Disturbingly enough, Facebook has a carbon footprint big enough to compete with large cities. Engineer Doug Beaver estimates per capita daily energy use at 3 kWh, with most energy used to power servers handling photos.

That’s like me running a hairdryer for 3 hours every day. Assuming I use Facebook every day of every year, that’s about 1000 kWh per year.

So I quit, not just for energy efficiency – but for my own time efficiency too!

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  1. unrelatedwaffle said

    That is so distressing. Facebook really is rather evil, but I found childhood friends on there I thought I’d never speak to again, so there’s residual gratitude and the sick need to keep tabs on people I know/don’t know.

    I’m a little wary of some of the alarmist math there, although the energy needed by the servers is certainly an issue. I think facebook’s energy needs are just the symptom and not the disease, which is our overall energy efficiency (or lack thereof) when it comes to generating electricity.

    The problem is that the people who can change these things often scoff at “hippie environmentalists,” like my bosses, who just came back from a Green Conference with nothing but negative things to say. It made my Macalester alum soul cry with frustration.

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