LEDs at The Cheeky Monkey, Veggie Canadian Bacon, and More

They’ve opened up a deli/coffee shop/wine bar/hangout next door, and I couldn’t be happier (well, I could, if I made myself a hole through the fence to shortcut the half block I need to walk there). It’s called the Cheeky Monkey, and it opened on Wednesday. We may or may not have been several times in the past 24 hours: Caleb 3, me 2. One reason I glow so much? The track lighting here is LEDs! (Read more from City Pages, Chowhound, EdibleCities, and HotDishing).

To follow up on last week’s veggie bacon post, I wanted to link to Sithlet’s post to the Twin Cities Live Journal Community about Yves veggie Canadian Bacon. Apparently it’s better than the Morningstar Bacon. It’d be hard not to be. In other news, Kevin Bacon has a new prank TV show called, yes, BACON’D.



  1. Carrie said

    Next door? Where do you work or live that is so close to the deli?

  2. Jenn said

    I live in a house kitty corner from the deli – across from Roots. Are you in the neighborhood too? 🙂

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