Vegetarian Bacon: Take 2

As part of my never-ending quest to find a vegetarian bacon substitute, I thought I’d try out some of this Smart Bacon brand. While Morningstar Farms brand is largely egg white (boo), Smart Bacon includes soy and wheat gluten – I think we’re doing better already. (As a side note, I still have to try out Max Sparber’s vegetarian bacon salt recommendation – amazing!)

vegetarian smart bacon

So this morning, I tried the imitation bacon out in a setting that would be non-threatening to it – you know, low pressure – and included it as part of an egg and cheese sandwich. It’s hard to make eggs and cheese taste bad. I thought with this extension of good will, Smart Bacon would do its best to be delicious for me.

vegetarian egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich

Actually, it was pretty decent! Reminiscent of the taste and texture of Canadian bacon, Smart Bacon got the job done, adding crispy texture and a vaguely cured flavor to the egg and cheese sandwich.

I give it a B.

(P.S. Don’t look too closely at the picture because you’ll see very un-green cut flowers. Shh. 🙂 )


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