God & Green

In observance of Lent, I thought I should post about Catholicism.

green-cross1I think this cross from songevangelist probably has another meaning, too

While I think Father Robert Busa’s recent survey comparing confession topic across gender is a waste of time on many levels (One – it attempts to use confessions told to a priest to extrapolate ways men and women actually sin differently in their real lives, which is a leap too great – don’t you think people lie or edit out what they’ll tell a priest? Two – it attempts to affirm the stereotype that there is an inherently “male” way of being and a “female” way of being, totally unhelpful. Three – confession is supposed to be confidential! Not only does this break the rule of priest/patient confidentiality, but there is no way to check up on this survey’s actual data.), the BBC article on Catholic sins does bring up a very interesting point:

The Apostolic Penitentiary, a secretive department of the Vatican that decides penance given to sinners, updated its list of sins in 2008, including such modern-day vices as:

genetic modification
environmental pollution
social injustice
causing poverty
financial greed

Really? Environmental pollution? I’m impressed!

Sigh. So backwards in so many ways, so forward in so many others….


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