What Minnesotans Do

I look out my kitchen window today, and what do I see?


Minnesota Hoodlums

Minnesota Hoodlums

Two grown men throwing snowballs at a stop sign.


We Minnesotans have to make our own fun out here in the cold, I guess. Is anyone else getting a serious case of the winter doldrums?

1. This is the time of year when I want (need?) coffee the most. Thanks to The Economist (and Devin, the economist that I am friends with), I now know that it takes 1,100 cups of water to make my cup of coffee. Argh. At least apple juice, that vile liquid which I hate, is almost as bad. Maybe I should switch to tea – it takes only about 150 cups of water per cup of tea. Lookout world….

2. I got an amazing birthday present from my cousin Karen. I am told that Liam, my nearly-three-year-old first cousin, made the designs with cookie cutters dipped in wine – food safe! My vegetables will be the happiest vegetables in the store, and I will never have to use a little plastic baggie again.

Re-usable Vegetable Bags

Re-usable Vegetable Bags

3. Eve has discovered Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. This is amazing.  1.5 tbsp salt + 1.5 tbsp yeast + 6.5 cups all purpose flour + 3 c room temperature water + cornmeal + bucket = 4 loaves of amazing bread for 2 weeks. KARE 11 loves it. Strictly Seniors loves it. Even Mark Bittman endorses the method.

4. The Humane Society. It is amazing (if bittersweet) therapy for winter doldrums. So many puppies, so little space in my apartment….

5. Does organic food really taste better? Ask a hamster. (via Caleb and Serious Eats)

In other news, I am off to Madison for a week of energy auditor training this weekend. Will it, too, be amazing? I hope so… you’ll have to forgive me if I come back talking about horsepower and motor rewinding and deluding myself into thinking it is worthy of a blog post…!

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  1. Ken A. said

    Thanks for linking to CooksDen in this post. Would you mind updating your link to its new home at TheCooksDen.com?

    Hammy Goes Organic can now be found at:

    The old link is redirecting, but at some point it won’t do that anymore.


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