Vegan for Earth Week?

So Regi and I are thinking about going vegan for Earth Week. Or maybe Earth Day. As quasi/mostly vegetarian healthy/foodies, we’re thinking it’ll be OK, right?


Fish-cheese-milk-and-egg-loving anxieties aside, I am sort of fascinated by the idea of trying this hippie diet made mainstream by the likes of Skinny B**** and Mark Bittman the Minimalist. A little soy milk and tofu never hurt anybody, right? Plus, think of how many more vegetables I’ll eat! I went a week with out trash (sort of), surely I can go a week without ingesting animal products.

Plus, it’ll encourage me to cook for myself more often – and let’s face it, eating at home is not something I’m good at. (This past week has involved the Cheeky Monkey, the Good Earth, chunch, the Macy’s Cafe, E-Noodle Cafe, and.. the Macaroni Grill.. and maybe cheese sticks from Arby’s once… OK OK, I know… it was a tough week!)

Good thing beer is vegan. I picked up some New Belgium Sunshine Wheat at Big Top today.. yesssss, spring is coming!

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  1. Regi said

    I will personally buy you soy creamer! 🙂 And I thought we could celebrate at the end (if we make it) with a dinner date with vegan superstar Jon. Ah! We need a planning session!

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