Gearing Up for Vegan Week

To celebrate Earth Week (and/or to keep me eating healthy foods during a crazy work week), I am going vegan with the help of the Happy Food team. After a trip to the Mississippi Market, I’m confident we’re going to have a delicious week full of protein.

vegan haul from the mississippi marketFor the sake of my mother and other skeptics – a list of the week’s protein sources:

* Nut-based vegan cheese

* Peanut butter

* Soy-based milk substitutes

* Beans, including hummus and falafel

* Textured vegetable protein

* Whole grains, including whole wheat, buckwheat, and oats (and teff! the foil triangle is ingeera)


This looks completely do-able to me. I’ll let you know how things go – read about our adventures at Happy Food.


In other news, I am told my bulk food jar collection has gotten out of control.

jar collection from planet packrat(jar collection from planet packrat)

But think of all the delicious bulk foods and delightful bulk soaps (and bulk BEER) that can be held in each of these containers…!


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  1. Regi said

    your jar collection is nothing a label maker can’t handle!!!!!! bwahaha. and once again, i’m super glad we’re doing this!

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