Vegan for Earth Week – Day One

Vegan Week – Day One. So far, we are a little bit hungry but not deprived.

I quarantined all animal products in a section of our fridge. We’ll get to you next week, guys! (Especially you, bottle of Bailey’s. But maybe not you, carton of herring tidbits.)

animal products

The day so far has involved:

  • Breakfast burritos with corn tortillas, black – pinto – and – kidney beans, tomatillo salsa, tomatoes, jalapeños, and a hint of lime
  • Bananas, plums, and pear juice
  • Coffee with chocolate soymilk
  • Papas Bravas à la Popp!!’s appetizer menu
  • Leftover aleche &  ingera with walnut/chocolate/oatmeal cookies for dessert
  • Caprese salad with Vegan Gourmet mozzarella alternative (which is 80% convincing – in taste if not in texture – even to a quesophile such as myself)  

    vegan gourmet mozzarella alternative

We cooked up a storm of future lunches for the psycho week ahead, including stew (veggie broth with carrots, potatoes, and green beans), chili (beans, tomatoes, and jalapenos), and home made baba ganoush. 

In terms of feeling, you know, bright green and peppy with my new do-gooder diet? I do feel a little more clear headed than usual, but nothing remarkable yet. I’ll let you know if my skin starts turning green tomorrow, or if I spontaneously start running marathons. 

Delightfully, constant wheedling and acquiescence to the idea of our having a pressure cooker has won me Caleb‘s approval to purchase a worm bin for our apartment. Since worms eat a vegan diet, most of our food trash from this week can be turned into wonderful delicious worm compost.

In other news, we had a stowaway in our groceries yesterday:

stowaway sunflower seeds

Anyone missing $2.50 worth of bulk sunflower seeds?


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