Vegan Week: Day Two

I have to admit.

I am a little bit hungry.

I woke up early today to be sure I had a vegan breakfast: PB&J + chocolate soymilk in iced coffee. I packed tomatillo chili, corn chips, baby banana, and oat/walnut/chocolate cookies for lunch. Caleb made whole wheat pasta and pesto and faux mozzarella for dinner, along with garlic roasted broccoli.

Lisa and Mazey came over (she’d never before seen the BBC Pride and Prejudice?! whaaaaat), and I had a panicky moment – Lisa is gluten intolerant, and the Venn diagram of veganism and gluten freeness features a pretty slim middle section. Then I realized that soy white russians are vegan AND gluten free. As is everything pictured below:

entertaining veganFrom top left to bottom right: strawberries, mangoes, melted Boom Choco Boom chocolate, baby bananas, potatoes cooked in olive oil/salt/rosemary, humus, Caleb‘s homemade baba ganoush, tapenade, and carrots.

Like Regi, I need to buy more fruit already!


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