Vegan Day 3: The Swiss-Cheese Shaped White Flag

Veganness requires a lot of planning. As in, when I don’t do it, I am hungry. Very hungry. I didn’t get it together enough to pack a filling lunch today, so… I had a smoothie for breakfast, a PB&J for midmorning snack, and a giant soy latte and an Odwalla for lunch. Now, finally home at 8:30, I am inhaling hummus like it’s my job.

I think I may be waving my flag of surrender to veganism. Thou hast beaten me with thy counter-cultural ways and thy unavailability for purchase in the St. Paul skyway system, o veganness.

So I’ll stick with it through the week… I think. It is pretty amazing to me how much of the food available in our culture is made of animal. I see rice krispie treats in the break room? GELATIN. BUTTER. Animal shaped warning lights! Muffin? COW. Sandwich? CLUCK CLUCK. Many things that approach veganness have one fatal flaw – a sprinkling of cheese in the salad, a bit of egg in the bread. We use animals an awful lot for energy.

Vegans – you have it tough. You have to eat a lot more to get what your body needs, and you have to bring a lot more of it from home. While I’m an economic vegetarian (i.e. I vote with my dollars, so I’m not a purist – if I accidentally buy something meaty, the damage is done and I might as well eat it anyway and not waste it), it’s really really tough to compromise as a vegan. When I don’t eat enough calories, I don’t function well, and the calorie-per-unit-effort-to-eat ratio of vegan food to cheese? Pretty different.

On a lighter note, I am getting my recommended servings of fruits and vegetables for what is probably the first time in a long time.

Maybe a Mark Bittman-style veganness might be in order? Vegan ’till dinner, except for milk in coffee?


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  1. Vegans don’t need to eat alot more to get what we need. In fact, if done right, we can eat less.
    If you are getting your food from whole food, you are getting all your nutrition from nature and that is what we need.
    When people eat chemically altered and processed foods, the nutrition in said foods are greatly reduced and then you need to eat more to get the right amount of nutrients.
    I do agree that we have it tough in terms of eating out, it would be nice if more restaraunts were accomadating to vegan diets.
    I think planning our foods is necessary, not just for vegans, but for anyone who wants to eat healthy, non processed foods.

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