Monday Link Roundup

Here are my favorite Minneapolis/St. Paul green headlines from the last week:

  • Minnesota ranks 5th in the nation in terms of number of organic acres harvested in 2007, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. Read more from MPR.
  • Robbinsdale, Minn.-based Backyard Harvest turns your backyard into a produce-producing haven for a little over a thousand dollars. Read more from James Norton at The Heavy Table.
  • Minnesota paper mills will benefit from an alternative energy tax credit. But is this credit of hundreds of millions of dollars encouraging good or bad environmental practices? Read more from Cynthia Dizikes at MinnPost.
  • The vegan restaurant Greenway Cafe made a brief appearance in the Twin Cities from April 15 to 18. Read more from CityPages.

And worldwide….

  • Somniloquy lets your computer stay connected to the network while saving energy in sleep mode. Read more from Dan Nosowitz at Gizmodo. And while we’re talking inventions.. how about this inflatable shower curtain that, ah… encourages you to conserve water? Read about it from Sean Fallon, also of Gizmodo.
  • Heather at The Greenest Dollar breaks down the drinking water treatment and delivery process. We Americans are so lucky that we can afford to be so distant from this process in our everyday lives, and knowing more about it is a good thing. Find her post here.
  • Peer pressure helps people make green choices. Read more from The Green Workplace.
  • Bon Appetit posted a list of 50 Ways to Eat Green (via CityPages).
  • daily dose of imagery posted this snapshot of a chandelier decked out with thousands of upcycled plastic containers at Brookfield Place in Toronto.
  • The publisher of Utne Reader has launched Great Green Careers, a green jobs search engine nationwide.

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