The Best Cabbage Soup Evar

After debuting onstage as a star for Mad King Thomas (really, it even participated in a kick line), this cabbage honorably reincarnated itself as delicious cabbage soup. You, too, can cook yourself a star cabbage soup.

You will need:

Half an hour to 45 minutes

A big soup pot and a ladle

Olive oil

Some small potatoes, skins on, in 1/4 inch cubes

Half a red onion, sliced

Can of navy beans

4 c veggie broth

Cabbage, sliced into thin strips

Boiled sausage from the farmer’s market, optional

A stove, or a fire

Seasonings, such as salt, Old Bay, garlic salt, and pepper

Cook potato cubes in olive oil for five minutes on medium high. Salt them for added dehydrating effect. Add onions. Cook for five minutes more. Add beans and broth. Cook for five minutes more. Add cabbage. Simmer. Season. Top with farmer’s market sausage if you are of the carnivorous variety.

Visit the real recipe here.


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  1. Tara said

    Yay cabbages! I’m so glad you took one. I had three to contend with. This recipe looks yummy.

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