Monday Link Roundup

Here are my favorite Minneapolis/St. Paul green headlines from the last week:

  • Paris is the city of lights, Minneapolis is the city of bikes. A thousand bikes are coming to Minneapolis next year and Katie Eukel is quoted! Yay, Mac alumna in the newsRead more from Wayne Nealis of Twin Cities Daily Planet, via MinnPost. To learn more about where you could take these bikes next year, check this out – Kristin Henning of MNSpeak shares Cyclopath, a bike path wiki.
  • Recessions make bars, Wal-Marts, and thrift stores boom. Lost and Found is a new thrift store coming to the Twin Cities. Read more from McKenna Ewen at MinnPost.
  • Is that expired mayonnaise still good? Jason DeRusha of WCCO wonders how long food really lasts. Read more about expiration dates via Rachel Hutton’s CityPages post. And while we’re at it, check out Still Tasty, a resource for those of us wondering if that block of cheese we left out overnight is still edible. 
  • The Twin Cities has smart people who publish smart books about food! A Food and Society Fellow from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy publishes a new book exposing some of the things we’d rather not know about our orange juice. Read more about Alissa Hamilton from Jessica Chapman of CityPages. TreeHugger finds that one glass of orange juice produces the equivalent amount of carbon as 1,050 Google searches. I don’t know if that says more about Google or about orange juice.
  • Your insulation is about to be stimulated. Stimulus/ARRA dollars are flowing into home weatherization projects this summer. Read more from MPR.
  • Look out MPR – St. Paul is getting marked up for light rail construction! Read more from MPR
  • A green Minneapolis restaurant does not come up to HT standards. Jill Lewis of The Heavy Table reviews Cafe Agri in Minneapolis, and finds it disappointing (one out of four stars). The pictures are drool-worthy, though. Read more
  • I must have been asleep. How did I miss Michael Pollan in Edina last week?! His book was recently pulled from Washington State University’s required reading list at the behest of evil food lobbies.

And worldwide….


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