Tuesday Trends: Crafting

Reusable Veggie Bags by Karen and Liam!

In January, I bought in to the crafting chain letter. You know.  The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! The pyramid scheme has been making its way through LiveJournal, Facebook, and the like. Me, I was drawn in by my cousin. And my 3-year-old first cousin, to whom I would refuse very little. The two of them sent me awesome reusable veggie bags dyed with cookie cutters and wine.

I think if I had to write an anthropology paper about why crafting seems to be making a resurgence, I would take a stab at it this way:

1. Hipsterdom. Handmade, ironic, kitschy is in.

2. The prevailing parental generation before this one liked only shiny, new things. 

3. Recession. Hey look, cheap entertainment/useful things!

4. Growing environmental awareness and social consciousness leads to DIYness. People are more interested in providing for themselves and lessening their impact than they were before. Maybe this is a result of Obama drawing the country together. Maybe this is a sign of postmodern activism and independence and sticking it to the man and sweatshops.

5. Etsy and the internet make it easy for crafters to communicate to each other – and to potential buyers.

This list should remind you why I was not an anthropology major. However, I am currently taking suggestions – I still owe crafts to Monique, Sarah, Devin, Karen, and Tara. Does anybody have a craft project they have loved working on? Any types I should avoid?


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  1. Regi said

    Jenn let’s have a craft day! Sewing simple things seems to have a high effort:rewarding feeling ratio…but crocheting and knitting are fun too! Umm…embroidery?? We could be do-gooders and knit little toys/blankets for the animal shelter.

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