Beauty from the Kitchen: Egg Hair Shine

Well, I’d heard of this one before. Treat your hair like french toast and it will sparkle. It sounds crazy. Frankly, it is a little bit. But as a bachelorette for the weekend, I thought, “Why not?” and whipped up a little hair shine scramble. Beauty product labels have been freaking the heck out of me lately, what with their lauryl sulfates this and laureth sulfates that (when I was a kid, I vowed I’d take enough chemistry to know what those things were someday – guess I still have that to do before I die). Now seemed like a good time to try it out. Here’s the recipe:

Egg Hair Shine

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 T milk

Cost: less than $0.50

Replaces: Hair Shine, which is moderately hazardous according to the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Safety Database

egg hair shine ingredients

Whip eggs and milk together. Pour onto your head.


This was cold. Eventually, I figured out to take little bits and work it into my hair gradually. Make sure you are standing over a surface that can be sanitized, because even raw eggs used in your hair have a salmonella risk. Leave in for 5 minutes, then rinse out… and voila!


egg hair shine - i think it worked!

I think it worked?

The good: Cheap, easy, actually kind of effective!

The bad: Cold. Freaking cold.

The weird: Small bits of egg over easy left in your hair. Also, when it is just starting to dry, it has a weird merengue-y texture.

Tips: Have cleanup ready, like a ball jar full of vinegar to sanitize your hairbrush with the bits of egg over easy in it. Do not pour straight onto your head. You will be miserable, and you will probably shriek and/or look like a small dog being bathed. 

I rate 3.5 stars out of 5.

I found this recipe from Free Beauty Tips.



  1. I’ve always been afraid to do this because of the egg bits that get stuck in hair, but it’s much better than using a shine product!

  2. Jenn Henry said

    I have to admit, the egg bits coagulating was probably the most distressing part of the whole process BUT – the egg bits come out really well with a blow dryer.

    P.S. Hope the job search has been going well! I love the Facebook fan page, and especially loved your post on schmancy jello shots… between us we have recipes for a really fantastic spa day, hah!

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