Beauty from the Kitchen: Honey/Yogurt Face Mask

So a former colleague gave me this giant jar of honey from his West Saint Paul hives. It was wonderful and delicious.. until it crystallized after I only made it halfway through! I’m sure it was still good, but just really hard to get out of the jar. Then there was more honey from the U of M that was also wonderful and delicious… and fresh… and maybe, just maybe I want to cannibalize the Ball Jar the honey came in for iced tea…. Point being, I found this recipe for yogurt & honey lotion I wanted to try. At least there won’t be eggs involved. Here’s the recipe:
yogurt & honey face mask
Honey/Yogurt Face Mask

Ingredients: 1 T honey, 1 T yogurt

Cost: less than $0.50. Probably more like $0.10.

Replaces: Facial Mask, which can be highly hazardous according to the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Safety Database (even from the Body Shop! Yikes!)

The good: Two ingredients. It’s, like, chips and salsa easy. Also, if any accidentally gets in your mouth, it doesn’t taste bad!

The bad: I just want to eat the yogurt.

The weird: Sticky.

Tips: Leave this mixture out to sit a little bit so it’s not as cold as the yogurt coming out of the fridge. Also, hairbands hairbands hairbands.


Is this even doing anything?

Is this even doing anything?

I rate 2.5 stars out of 5.

Edit: an hour later, my face feels amazing. Who knew! Revising my rating to 4 out of 5.

This recipe from

N.b. If you spill any of this, you may also need this WikiHow article: “How to Kill Ants Without Using Pesticides



  1. That is too funny! This IS what I eat for breakfast often: yogurt, a drizzle of honey and some sunflower seeds. Ha!

  2. Jenn Henry said

    It’s probably awesome for your skin! 😀 Maybe you can miss your mouth a couple of times with the spoon and see what happens…heh. Yeah, I would much rather be eating that yogurt!

  3. Aditi said

    I have totally done this face mask! Its awesome – it made my skin super soft!

  4. Erin said

    How easy is that recipe!? Unlike, as you said, those facial cleansers that can be bad for our health. I read too many articles about the lack of studies done on affects on our health of certain “green beauty products”

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