The Most Amazing Day of My Life

So this post doesn’t exactly have to do with being green, but it has to do with local businesses and buying from the people you know (and not from big box stores like Target and Ikea). And um, plus I’m really excited!

Last week, I entered my boyfriend, Caleb, in a “make-over my boyfriend” contest from KSTP… and they picked him! The producer of Twin Cities Live called to check on our schedule and BAM, suddenly we’re gonna be on TV! (And I’m thinking… what did I get us in to?) We went to Heime’s Haberdashery the next day, and here’s where things kind of get green – buying high quality clothes that fit you and last forever instead of crap that will wear out that you’ll have to replace within a year. Anyway, the clothes Vince at Heime’s picked out for Caleb were phenomenal – really classic and also stylish. You can watch the clip from Twin Cities Live yesterday here

Not only that… but I became Haskell’s 1000th Twitter follower on Tuesday… and also won a prize! Brian helped me pick out a Chilean red wine – I believe it is a Haskell’s private label – 2007 Andean Ridge Carmenère (which apparently goes well with spicy foods, like a lot of vegetarian dishes), as well as a Beringer 2008 sweet Chenin Blanc (for Caleb… apparently it’s even sweeter than a Riesling, and also goes well with spicy foods), and then I picked out Tanqueray No. 2 for the promise of green-colored martinis.


Clearly, this will not happen every week. I have never won anything before in my life, and will probably never win anything after. And the Mayor will not always be there to judge how well Caleb dresses himself in the morning.

If you get a chance, check out the nice folks at Heime’s and Haskell’s. And I’m not only saying this because they gave us free stuff, but because I had such a good experience at both places. So much better than Macy’s and Big Top. It makes a difference to have knowledgeable, personable people that can help you pick out something that you actually want – plus, they really care about their work, and they live right in your community, and have places of business with actual personality. Caleb says shaves at Hemie’s are $12 (gone are the days when they cost two bits, but $12 is less than I imagined). And maybe you’ll be the next to win a prize..?


  1. Mike said

    Sadly, Tanq 10 doesn’t make your martinis green. It is really delicious though.

  2. Jenn Henry said

    Sadness! Alas. It will look green being poured in perhaps.

  3. Regi said

    Jenn, the show was amazing! Also, about buying things that last forever – I just read Cheap by Ellen Ruppel Shell on just this subject and it was very, very interesting and informative. You should check it out!

  4. Awesomeness!! That is so cool – congrats on both accounts. Now I’m off to watch the video 🙂

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