“You can recycle that?” Twin Cities Plastic Bag Recycling

In the interest of full disclosure, I work for these people, but I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t think it was worth sharing.

Did you know you can recycle this stuff in the Twin Cities?

  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Plastic retail bags with string ties and rigid plastic handles removed
  • Plastic newspaper bags
  • Plastic dry-cleaning bags
  • Plastic produce bags
  • Plastic bread bags
  • Plastic cereal bags
  • Plastic frozen food bags
  • Plastic wrap from paper products (paper towels, etc)
  • Plastic salt bags with rigid plastic handles removed
  • Plastic stretch/shrink wrap
  • Plastic zipper type bags (zipper cut off)

Just clean it and take it back to the grocery store each week and put it in the “It’s In The Bag” bin (usually right by the door). I know the Selby-Dale Mississippi Market participates.

I… had to go dig some things out of the trash. How did I not know about this?



  1. Thanks for spreading the word. We save ours, but often forget to bring them to the store (and yes, we hang them on our garage door handle so we don’t forget).

  2. Tara said

    Awesome! I have been throwing all of our plastic bags together and wasn’t sure what we could take in for recycling. Thanks. : )

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