CD Barbell/Dumbbell

Inspired by Danny Seo’s CD Barbell and Popular Science’s CD Dumbbell (and, well, after a day of hardware store site visits, you just want to spend money at a hardware store), I created THIS MASTERPIECE!


cd barbell

cd barbell

You will need:

ingredients for a cd barbell: cds, rod, nuts, and tape

Scotch (or other brand) Decorate & Repair Tape (of any color!) – $2.29

1/2″ diameter threaded rod – $2.19

Four 1/2″ coarse nuts – $3.00

40+ old CDs

Total Cost: $7.48

Having a recycled CD barbell? Priceless! 

OK, so mine is like 3 lbs. at the most. You really need a decent number of old CDs you want to go through.

Next project: T-Shirt Shrug!


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