Long story short, I needed to shred a lot of checks. And pay stubs. And old leases. I am a paper magpie, and have boxes and boxes of Important Personal Information. I’ve had them for 2 years, drove them across country twice… and probably wasn’t going to go someplace to get them shredded. And the idea of something like this happening scares me.

So I bought a shredder.


Yes, I know that’s not the particularly greenest approach. I’m being preyed on by consumer society to buy something to fix my every need, etc. etc. etc. But at least I can use the results to pack some boxes!


Anyone need anything shredded? It even does credit cards…! No I’m serious. It would make me feel a lot less guilty for buying that whole shredder, and you get some free packaging material.

The St. Paul Humane Society will also take shredded paper – but not if it’s confetti cut like mine.

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