News Roundup (Courtesy H1N1)

So I might have swineflu. I just got my regular flu shot last week! Arg!

Regardless, I have a lot of time to read this week while I sit around not eating and not moving and not going to work. Check out all the cool things you can learn:

  • GreenKeen posted this awesome guide for college campuses to encourage line-drying of laundry. Chelsea Hodge of Pomona’s class of 2009 wrote this guide after spearheading the drying rack project. (And, if you want to do something less expensive but still awesome in your apartment – I just bought the Frost Drying Rack from Ikea and it is fantastic. So much better than the crap Target one that broke like 80 times.)
  • The White House hosted an Energy Forum today. GreenInc live blogged, and I thought this was the most compelling entry: “Cathy Zoi of the Department of Energy challenges the (friendly, invited) audience to go beyond the cheery atmospherics of what she called ‘an evidence-based revival meeting’ and propose ways to convince more Americans that the country is on the cusp of a new industrial revolution. One immediate answer focuses on the resistance of corporations to investing in an energy innovation even if the payback is just two years.”
  • There goes my chili recipe including canned tomatoes… City Pages highlights Prevention Magazine’s seven most toxic foods. Including canned tomatoes AND microwave popcorn. There go, like, half my staple foods. Sigh.
  • The Washington Post writes about young idealists that head off to farm and find that it is hard.
  • Heavy Table starts a Minneapolis-St. Paul Atlas of Ethical Eating. So far, only eight usual suspects are listed, but I’m excited to see it grow.
  • This morning, I started browsing the Green Career Advisor – and sometime in the last 12 hours, the author deleted the blog. Totally lame, because it had awesome stuff. Wonder what happened?
  • Did you know.. there is a Green Chamber of Commerce based in San Francisco?




  1. Nicky said

    The college clothesline project is awesome. We have an apartment, so does it count if you hang them indoors? I use this round clothes drying rack that has found a great spot right under our ceiling fan. The air movement keeps the clothes from getting crunchy 🙂

  2. Leah said

    I saw the drying rack thing elsewhere too, and I really think that’s a sweet idea. When it’s just me, I line dry all my stuff, but I think I need to pick up that frost rack so that I have space to do my boyfriend’s clothes as well.

    Re: microwaveable popcorn, have you ever made stovetop or airpop popcorn? Airpop is simple, and stovetop doesn’t take much work. I think both taste significantly better than microwave popcorn.

  3. Jenn Henry said

    Nicky – that rack is super cute – and smart to use the fan! Thanks for the link! I think it totally counts if you dry your clothes inside your apartment.

    Leah – I do love the Frost. It’s so strong! I think it could handle 10 pairs of jeans if it wanted to. I have only made stovetop popcorn once! We used to have an airpopper when I was a kid. I remember that neither the stovetop nor the airpopped popcorn had the sickly corn syrupy palm oily taste of microwave popcorn… totally a good idea!

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