SIGGnificantly Bad Customer Service, and SIGGnificantly Better Customer Service

So I checked my SIGG water bottle in October. It had the gold liner of death. Also, it smelled tinny and bad.

I jumped through a lot of hoops to get SIGG to give me a new one, and every step of the way they disappointed me (requiring a label that the post office didn’t like? Check. Not recognizing my gift certificate number and wanting me to pay $22 plus shipping for my replacement bottle? Check. Not answering my four e-mails and phone calls over the course of a week? Check.).

Eventually, only the wonderful Mississippi Market came through for me and made sure I got a replacement bottle with no BPA liner.

Hooray for a BPA-free SIGG!

I probably won’t buy another SIGG, but I’m so happy to have a reusable water bottle in my life again! I drink so much more water and don’t buy any of those awful plastic bottles anymore, even when I’m on the road.


  1. Sage said

    Klean Kanteen brand all the way!

    check out our business when you have a chance.

  2. Alicia said

    Now that i have switched to re usable water bottles i don’t like the plastic taste that you get when you drink from disposable plastic water bottles.

  3. Ed Kohler said

    We need more Easier Being Green!

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