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In Weird News…

Check out this article about trash-art from the Wall Street Journal.

image from the Wall Street Journal

This used to be a turkey sternum. Now it is art!


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Make Your Jack-o-Lantern and Eat It Too

In honor of Sasha, this post is about eating your jack-o-lantern.

Image from

Instead of letting all the perfectly good pumpkin food go to waste, it’s possible to make tons of sweet and savory treats from your Halloween decor. Carved jack-o-lanterns keep several days before they start rotting. Cut away any rotting parts before you cook. Instead of sooty candles, the the Ultimate Cheapskate recommends using an electric light.

When cutting, remove the seeds, rinse them, dry them, salt them, season them, and bake them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet in a 250′ oven for around an hour. Stir every 20 minutes.

Scrape out as much pulp as you can. Steam it for 30 minutes or until it’s tender, then puree it in a blender.

Painted jack-o-lanterns are OK too, but make sure you don’t get paint in the food. Pop them in the oven and bake them to make the skin flake off.

How-to from Mother Earth News:
1. Remove any paint with metal pot scrubber, or peel skin off.
2. Scrape out seeds and stringy fibers with soup spoon.
3. Cut pumpkin into 4-6 pieces, or keep whole and replace the cap when scooped
4. Place on greased cookie sheet
5. Bake at 350’F until tender (about an hour, or an hour and a half if whole)
6. If whole, pour off any collected liquied
7. Cool it quickly in cold water and drain. Cut the meat away from the skin and puree it to remove lumps.
8. If you have lots of pumpkin puree, pack it into pint or quart jars or freeze.

You can make pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread….

Some more ideas from Frugal Fun:

1. Pumpkin butter
(pureed pumpkin plus mace, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and apples)
2. Pumpkin soup
(pumpkin, hot pepper, apple, garlic, almonds, mozzarella)
3. Pumpkin chocolate chip bars
4. Pumpkin chips
5. Chilean Squash Casserole (from Moosewood Cookbook)
(pumpkin, cheddar cheese, carrots, cumin, salsa)
6. Pumpkin latkes
(grated with eggs, onions, and flour, and fry patties)
7. Thai pumpkin curry
8. Baked pumpkin seeds
9. Pumpkin pie
10. Stuffed pumpkin
(vegetables, cheese, milk, bread crumbs, spices)

If you don’t like eating pumpkin, there are still ways to get another use out of it – Gaiam Life recommends composting or donating it to your local zoo.

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Does your office have a lot of old office chairs?
Some nonprofit wants it!
Are you near San Francisco or Los Angeles?
iReuse will take it!

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Recycle That!

So San Jose’s GreenTeam handles recycling for many of the city’s residences. On Friday, the recycling center found something it couldn’t recycle.

Five pounds, or several thousand dollars worth, of marijuana.

Does that qualify as compost? Yard waste?

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Santa Rosa Recycles Plastic Bags

Thanks to our hauler North Bay Corporation, we Santa Rosans will now be able to recycle plastic bags in our regular old blue bins.

We toss ’em all in one bag (the “bag bag”) and then they are taken away to be recycled!

Read about it in the PD.

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Recycling Poll!

North Bay Corporation just put a big blue recycling bin in our building’s trash room. Mostly, there is trash in it. And you know… sometimes I throw a stray bottle or a can into the trash at the airport. It says “contents recycled off site,” but how do I know?

So now, dear reader, I will ask you! What are your thoughts on recycling?

surveysTake Our Poll

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Green Valentines

The cool thing about making your own Valentines is that ANYTHING can turn into a heart.
A comic
Wrapping paper
Hilary Clinton’s face in the newspaper

You too can be the proud creator of a Valentine full of the faces of Presidential hopefuls. Isn’t that better than your typical v-day cards with Garfield on them?
For serious though. Recycle all that old media. Your friends will thank you for the lack of cheesiness (and so will the trees).

If you’re not the crafty type, you can always look for gift advice from the pros:
The Sierra Club recommends vintage jewelry and fair trade chocolate.

InHabitat recommends Sustainable Skivvies.

Even the state of UTAH has its act together, for pity’s sake, and recommends that you take public transit out on your dates.

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