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Dewy’s Adventure

There is a kid’s video game
for Wii
called Dewy’s Adventure
where the player
who, throughout the game, must save a mythical life-giving tree
by defeating anthropomorphic pollutant enemies.

omg. Amazing.

They are everywhere, these creepy anthropomorphic water droplets!


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Scottsdale, AZ Sends Free Self-Water Audit Kits to Residents

Hey Scottsdale!

You should get one of these. If only Santa Rosa offered free water audit kits to residents and businesses. I want one and I can’t have one! *pout* Free dye tabs! Free flow bag! Free drip cup!

Creepy anthropomorphic water droplet picture from Broward County, FL.

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Creepy Anthropomorphic Water Droplet Tells You To Save Water

So apparently local government agencies really enjoy humanizing drops of water. “Pleeease conserve me!” Maybe we are meant to empathize?

Oak Harbor, WA

Cape Cod, MA

Roaring Fork, CO

Rockford, IL “Willy”

Dakota State University “Roxanne”

Creeeeepyyyyyyy! I’m drinking Willy and Roxanne!

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Green Your Apartment – Water

This is the second in a series of how to green your apartment – this entry recommends greening through water conservation, with the help of top tips from Brian’s Blog at Signature Community:

1. It is always important to report leaks to property managers ASAP, but it is especially important to report toilet leaks – these are the most seriously wasteful.

2. “The toilet is not a trash can. There is no need to flush your tissues down the toilet. You are only wasting water.” (Not only that – you are potentially causing clogs AND creating a nightmare for the wastewater treatment facility down the line.. believe me, I’ve seen the process used to remove “rags” from waste water, and it is the most involved, energy-intensive process of the whole plant)

3. Aim for five to ten minute showers.

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Shower Timer

Well ring a bell and make me drool. I thought I was the stubbornest of the untrainable. Even four months of minimal showering in Morocco was not enough to break my junior-high-instilled habit of showering daily. Usually a 10-to-15 minute user, I never thought I could be trained to take a shower in five minutes.

Little did I know.

This amazing little shower timer (stolen from my co-worker’s desk.. hi Laura!) has me whipped into shape! The first day felt rushed, but a week later I was squeaky clean with time to spare. And I have more time to read the Chron in the morning!

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What To Do With a Water Hog Like Me

Confession. I am one of those bad people who take a shower every day.

It’s cosmetic, and silly, but it is one of those things that helps me get through life. So here’s what I do to make it better.

I keep an old yoghurt container and plop it in the shower with me. Then, I use this sullage/greywater to water my houseplants.

At least that’s a pint or so that I’m not completely evilly wasting. I started off with two collectors, but it was more water than I could really use. Someday, I’ll have a garden!

There is this thing called “Bucket” officially designed to harvest greywater, but for now I think I’ll stick with the yoghurt containers.

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