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“Next week, your lucky color will be green.” — Fortune Cookie I Ate This Morning

My mom, dad, and boss have now all told me they’ve found my blog. Hi everybody! I promise not to say anything embarrassing, or politically incendiary! (Except that I’m super-duper excited that Vallay Moua Varro won the St. Paul School Board special election on Tuesday! But that’s not incendiary, that’s just exciting. Unless you’re Pat Igo.)

So, after much ado, we have downsized successfully! Well, sort of. We’re done with the furniture part of moving, at least, and have made dozens of trips to Goodwill and Half Price Books (three duffel bags full = $20 cash!). The whole house makes more sense. No more drafty walls. No more broken windows. No more $170 Xcel bills. No more random crap we never use. Well… or at least, less random crap we never use.

One of the joys of living in Lowertown that I hadn’t anticipated: I can walk to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market and buy bread, cheese, eggs, and any number of amazing fruits and vegetables (squash! cranberries! hello Thanksgiving!). Oh, and cups of Peace Coffee for $1.75. Did I mention coffee? I don’t know why I wasn’t counting this as a huge benefit to living here. I was fretting a little bit over grocery shopping – the closest grocery store is across the river in the west side – but now am excited about the produce literally at my front door. It’s open both in the summer and in the winter! Awesome!

Speaking of awesome, walking to work on the skyways is freaking awesome. I worked from home yesterday to take care of my boyfriend, who had his wisdom teeth out… (I am happy I took care of this as a young and fearless 17-year-old. And am doubly happy I was able to be unconscious. Ugggh.). I walked 5 minutes to get my laptop from my office, then walked back over in the afternoon for a meeting… I didn’t have to pay for parking or wait for the bus. I don’t know how possible it will be for me to live near where I work for the rest of my life, but this convenience is going to be tough to give up. Commuting is a waste of life!

Although.. I confess. I do miss the bus. Tons of busses go right by our living room windows and I can’t help but try to see who is riding and wonder if they’re talking to each other and what they’re saying. What stories will I have to tell from my commute now? Apart from the drunk guy passed out in Park Square Court on Sunday, I haven’t had anything interesting happen between home and work yet. No old man on the bus telling every woman, “You’re gorgeous,  you’re gorgeous, your gorgeous,” no overhearing teachers agreeing to buy cigarettes for their 14-year-old students, no getting stuck in the snow trying to get a several ton bus up the hill on John Ireland (funnest day of bus riding EVER, when all 30 of us on the bus ran from one stuck 21 to the other in 4′ high snow right outside the Cathedral). And certainly no more commuter friends, like Ecolab woman and pretty quilted purse woman and tall silent newspaper man. I do feel wistful. I’m not even being sarcastic. But one thing’s for sure: I will NOT miss grumpy Santa Claus, the white haired bearded driver of the 7:44 65.

And there have been so few green jobs posted in the last week that I’ll just include them here, as an awkward appendage to this entry:

Dodge Nature Center

Environmental Education Intern ($145/wk, 20 hours/wk, West St. Paul)

University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Adult Education Coordinator ($45-52k/yr, Chaska)

And now, I am going back outside to enjoy the fantastic weather! By which I mean, going to go continue moving the rest of our stuff. Have a great weekend, everybody!


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Twin Cities Green Job Posting, 9/29-10/12

Check out these green jobs in Minnesota – everything from web design to trail clearing to grant writing! Follow me on Twitter to get up-to-the-minute updates (@easierbeingreen – n.b. only one g).

Earth Force

Web & Social Media Specialist (Minneapolis, 20 hours/wk) 

Minnesota Conservation Corps

Members ($1140-$1550/month, 18-25 y.o., eligible for education award) 

Minnesota Legislative Coordinating Commission

Project Manager, Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (full time) 

Eureka Recycling

Information Systems Coordinator (full time hourly, Minneapolis) 

 – Business Programs Development Manager (full-time, salary DOQ, Minneapolis) 

U of M

Farm to School Coordinator (full time, salary DOQ)

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Rural African Community Coordinator (part time, Minneapolis) 

 – Senior Program Associate, Food and Health Program (full time, Minneapolis)

Transit for Livable Communities

Communications Manager (full time, St. Paul) 

Sibley Bike Depot

Grant Writing Assistant (5 hrs/wk, unpaid) (St. Paul) 

Want to see some previous listings?

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Twin Cities Green Jobs Posting, 8/13 – 8/31

You go away for a few weeks and suddenly everybody starts hiring! Please see green jobs posted in Minneapolis/St. Paul in the last 18 days listed below. A lot of internships, but some entry level (coordinators/assistants/associates). No managers/directors/supervisors in this round, however. For more green jobs listings, check the last post (8/3 – 8/12)

Voyageurs National Park Association (Minneapolis, MN)
Communications Intern (unpaid, 10 hrs/wk) 
Public Policy Intern (unpaid, 10 hrs/wk) 

The Minnesota Project (St. Paul, MN)
Communications & Development Intern (unpaid, 16 hrs/wk) 
Clean Energy Project Intern (unpaid, 16 hrs/wk) 
Agriculture Program Intern (unpaid, 16 hrs/wk) 
Communications & Grant Writing Intern (unpaid, 16 hrs/wk) 

Land Stewardship Project (Minneapolis, MN)
Membership Assistant (salaried, part time) 

Clean Energy Resource Teams (St. Paul, MN)
Events Programming Coordinator ($14.50/hr+ DOQ, full time) 

Great River Greening (St. Paul, MN)
Social Networking Intern (10 hrs/wk) 

Sustainable Resources Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Clerical Assistant/Weatherization ($12/hr, full time) 

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Minneapolis, MN)
Food & Society Fellows Program Intern (5-10 hours/wk) 

Freshwater Society (Excelsior, MN)
Environmental Intern (15 hours/wk) 

Community Action (St. Paul, MN)
Energy Assistance Associate ($14.26/hr English only, $14.83/hr bilingual Spanish/Somali) 

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (Deephaven, MN)
Education Intern 

The Xerces Society (Minneapolis, MN)
Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator ($32k-38k/yr) 

St. Paul Smart Trips (St. Paul, MN)
Smart Trips Bicycle Delivery Person ($15/hr + $50 per delivery, 15/hr wk temporary) 

Scott Carver Dakota CAP (Rosemount, MN)
Administrative Assistant – Energy Assistance Program ($12.62/hr ft seasonal)

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Green Jobs, 7/27 to 8/2

Green Jobs (image from

Green Jobs (image from


Science Museum of Minnesota
– Interpretive Naturalist (Part Time, near Marine on St. Croix) (posting)

Environment America
– Program Director (DOE, Minneapolis) (posting)

Minnesota Office of Energy Security
– Writer/Editor ($36-39k/yr, St. Paul) (posting)

Looking for more jobs? Search recent posts.

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Green Jobs, 7/18 to 7/26

Green Jobs (image from

Green Jobs (image from


Tree Trust
– Property Maintenance Crew Leader (DOE, Twin Cities Metro) (posting)

ARC Greater Twin Cities
– Thrift Store Manager (DOE, St. Paul) (posting)

Neighborhood Energy Connection
– HOURCAR Fleet Coordinator ($15/hr, St. Paul) (posting)
– Administrator ($28-32k/yr, St. Paul) (posting)

Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB, “Swimclub”)
– Grant Manager – Community Power (Part Time Contractor, St. Paul) (posting)

– Blogger/Online Campaigner (telecommute) (posting)

Looking for more jobs? Search recent posts.

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Green Job Roundup, 6/28 – 7/7

Green Jobs (image from

Green Jobs (image from

See below for a selection of green jobs posted in the last week for Saint Paul and Minneapolis.


Hampden Park Co-op Grocery
– General Manager (paid, St. Paul) (posting)

U.S. Green Building Council – Mississippi Headwaters
– Grant Writing/Fundraising Intern (unpaid, Minneapolis?) (posting)

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin
– Energy Assistance Intake Temp ($14/hr, Hopkins) (posting)

Hunt Utilities Group, LLC
– Research & Development Technician/Organizer (paid, Pine River – not Twin Cities, but awesome group) (posting)

Caspervandertak Consulting
– Environmental Intern (unpaid, Minneapolis) (posting)

– Resource Efficiency Manager (paid, MN) (posting)

– Wind Energy Project Manager (paid, Minneapolis) (posting)

Johnson Controls
– Senior Project Development Energy Engineer (paid, Minneapolis) (posting)

Environment Minnesota
– Environmental Advocate (paid, Minneapolis) (posting)

University of Minnesota
– North Star Fellow (paid, Minneapolis) (posting)

Looking for more jobs? Search last week’s post.

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Green Job Roundup, 4/13 to 4/19

Green Jobs (image from

Green Jobs (image from

Looking for a green career? Here is a selection of green jobs posted in the last week for Saint Paul and Minneapolis.


Gardening Matters
– Intern ($10-14/hr, Minneapolis) (posting)

Greater Blue Earth River Basin Alliance
– Water Quality Trading Specialist ($31-$37k/yr, Windom) (posting)

Prairie Ecology Bus Center
– Environmental Education/Naturalist ($23-25k/yr, Lakefield) (posting)

Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
– Energy Services Representative ($70-100k/yr, Rochester) (posting)

Xcel Energy
– Regulatory Research Intern (Minneapolis) (posting)


Looking for more jobs? Search last week’s post.

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