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SIGGnificantly Bad Customer Service, and SIGGnificantly Better Customer Service

So I checked my SIGG water bottle in October. It had the gold liner of death. Also, it smelled tinny and bad.

I jumped through a lot of hoops to get SIGG to give me a new one, and every step of the way they disappointed me (requiring a label that the post office didn’t like? Check. Not recognizing my gift certificate number and wanting me to pay $22 plus shipping for my replacement bottle? Check. Not answering my four e-mails and phone calls over the course of a week? Check.).

Eventually, only the wonderful Mississippi Market came through for me and made sure I got a replacement bottle with no BPA liner.

Hooray for a BPA-free SIGG!

I probably won’t buy another SIGG, but I’m so happy to have a reusable water bottle in my life again! I drink so much more water and don’t buy any of those awful plastic bottles anymore, even when I’m on the road.


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